Our Rentals Include:

  • Avid DX Nitris Edit Suites
  • Media Composer 8.0
  • Software only Media Composer Producer Stations
  • Sapphire FX
  • Final Cut Pro Edit Suites
  • Over 144TB of ISIS storage
  • Nearline Storage Solution
  • In-house Avid Tech Support

Lot 5 Media has a fleet of Avid DX edit systems and Media Composer work stations set up to expand to meet the demands of your production. All of the edit systems, including our dual boot Final Cut Pro system, are running on 8 and 12 core Mac Pro towers, with the latest versions of software. We also have software only Media Composer stations that can be connected to the Unity as story edit systems or producer stations.

Since all of the offices have been pre-wired with fiber and Ethernet lines to the server room, Lot 5 can be flexibile in adding any edit bay, in any room, at any time. We also employ an in-house Avid certified tech, allowing us to provide immediate attention to any of our client's needs. If you don’t see what you need just ask us!